My name is Amy Nguyen. I am an absolutely passionate and highly-skilled Career Happiness Coach, based in New York City area. With unique experience taking charge of Happiness within myself, at home and at work, my mission is to help highly motivated and heart-centered women to, happily and practically, discover their Career Happiness Infinity Zone, map out the strategies as well as the next steps, and live it every day. I believe that we all deserve to be happy in our career and when we are happy and live our purpose, we will be successful. I bring with me extensive professional background of doing 7 jobs the majority of which was in Human Resources with MNCs across 9 industries in 3 countries namely Vietnam, Singapore and the United States. The central themes throughout my career are uplifting human potential and happiness with a focus on women. My most recent position before I decided to do coaching as a full-time job is the Head of Employee Happiness at the biggest e-commerce company in South East Asia, Lazada Group.

My mission is to inspire dreams of and create happiness infinity for professional women who dare to be great, in work and life. Achieving this will help create happy and fulfilled individuals, and a better world.

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.Aristotle

Poppy: Thank you!
Branch: No, thank you.
Poppy: For what?
Branch: For showing me how to be happy.
Poppy: Really? You’re finally happy? Now?
Branch: I think so. Happiness is inside of all of us, right? Sometimes, you just need someone to help you find it. Movie "Trolls"

I would love to listen to your dreams: If you are NOT afraid, what will you do with your ONE precious life?
So bring it on and let me partner with you in your Happiness Infinity Journey!

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Career Happiness Infinity JumpStart

Are you at the crossroads of your career? Are you thinking of quitting your job but not sure? Do you "kind of" enjoy what you do but feel that your true talents lie somewhere? Have you been wanting to find the next best move but feel clueless?

Career Happiness Infinity Fast-track

For new job starters: Performing at your Peak, Happily For new solopreneurs & mid-level professional women: Playing to Win, Happily

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Create Your Life of Happiness Infinity | Define Your Happiness Formula & Create the Life You Love while Having It All Parenting the (Brain-Based) Coaching Way | Happy Parents, Happy Kids, Happy Life Happiness 4.0 | Uplevel Your Happiness, Uplevel Your Success

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Helped me to be able to quickly gain the trust of the management team.

I hired Amy as my personal coach when I was new in my job as the CRO of ERGO Insurance. I found the two sessions with Amy extremely helpful. With her structured process and well-thought questions, Amy helped push my thinking and organize my ideas. I was able to create a peak performance strategy and action plan that I was very satisfied with, which helped me to be able to quickly gain the trust of the management team and advise them in strategic risk issues. Amy is highly skilled at and very passionate about what she does, so if you are moving into a new job, I would highly recommend Amy as your Peak Performance Coach.

Ngoc Duong
Chief Risk Officer / ERGO Insurance

If I had been on that "path finding" journey on my own, I would have given up.

I enrolled in Amy's Career Happiness Infinity Coaching Program when I was at the crossroad of my career. When we started, I did not know where I should and can go after a number of years working for a newspaper. I was burned out and felt stuck. My goal was to "find my life" and with Amy's well-structured guidance, I have not only gained a great clarity about what would be the right next step for me at that time while having a long-term vision defined, but also had a concrete action plan to get there. The time spent with her helped me understand more about myself, my strengths, my passion and what I can do. If I had been on that "path finding" journey on my own, I would have given up. It's Amy's positivity and persistence that keeps me going. Her ability to ask the right questions assisted me in discovering the well-hidden thoughts in my brain and organize them so I could achieve my goal. Besides all these, an interesting take-away for me is I am now used to the coaching questions and process and indeed started to use them for the other areas in my life. Therefore, I find it a really good investment and I would recommend anyone who wants to find happiness infinity in their career hire Amy!

Abby Tran
Journalist / The Vietnam News

I now have a clear vision and a career path to get there.

I enrolled in Amy's Career 4.0 Coaching Program when I did not know which career direction I should take. With a very well structured process, Amy has helped me know more about myself, including my strengths and development areas. Most importantly, I I have now had a career path that I am confident in and feel good about. In other words, I no longer have to do second-guessing and be unsure about my medium and long-term vision. In addition, we also worked out a clear strategy and action roadmap so I could reach my immediate next goal most effectively. The knowledge in Human Resources she shared is definitely a plus, beyond a usual career coaching program. For all this, I will refer any of my friends who need a trusted career partner to find happiness infinity in their career to Amy's Career 4.0 Coaching Program.

Ha Nguyen
Evaluation Specialist / Maritime Bank of Vietnam

"one step closer to my vision"

I engaged Tu as my personal career coach when I had a big question in my career: what would be the right next step for me after 7 years working for the Danish Embassy in Vietnam, heading the Commercial Department. It is the dream job of many but after a while, I really wondered what the world out there had for me so I could unleash my potential and maximize my growth. So Tu and I spent three sessions together where Tu guided me through a well-structured process, helped me validate my journey up then, assisted me in organizing my brain and thoughts so I could have more direction with my long-term career vision. While I encountered a number of naysayers along the way, Tu offered fresh and non-biased perspectives which opened my mind to possibilities. With her support, professional Human Resources suggestions, and with her ability to challenge my thinking, I was more confident in taking on a new career opportunity which I believe brings me one step closer to my vision. I also took a few actions that I never thought of on my own before in order to build up my overall presence and credibility in the market. Tu’s values do not stop there: she also helped me systemize and stretch my brain to create a comprehensive plan so I could best perform in my new job. Working with Tu is really inspiring and I have learnt significantly from the process. Overall, I am very happy with Tu’s Career 4.0 Program, and really recommend anyone who dares to grow in their careers and who dares to step out of their comfort zones and maximize their potential by working with Tu. The values are worth beyond the investment. Full stop.

Minh Nguyet Le
Management Consulting Team Lead / Deloitte Consulting

Organize my brain towards that vision with an action plan

I chose Amy as my personal coach when I had to make a very important decision in my life. Before I started the engagement with Amy, I was in a crisis with messy thoughts that have negative impact on all areas of my life. After taking "Happiness 4.0" with two coaching sessions with Amy, I had a clearer view and an inspiring vision, and especially Amy also helped me organize my brain towards that vision with an action plan. I felt much more confident and learnt that the mindset is very important. I also realized that in our hectic lives nowadays, having a life coach at critical times is really helpful due to the values it could bring.

Nicole Le
Financial Advisor / Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

"Never live below the potential"

I am a coachee of Mrs Amy's Career 4.0 program. She, through our online talks, enables me to recognize who I really want to become and figure out a strategic roadmap to reach my big dream. The most meaningful thing I have gained from her coaching sessions is to believe in myself toward attitude "never live below the potential". So, I feel most grateful for Mrs Amy for her listening, understanding and inspiring coaching.

Huyen Nguyen
Purchasing Representative / Chinfon Cement Corporation

High on Happiness

I am so glad that I chose to work with Amy as my personal & professional coach over the past four months! Since I started our coaching engagement, my life has positively changed. Looking at where I was and where I am now, I feel very satisfied: I am more confident and in love with my career. I am a better mum. I am stronger and healthier. Overall, I am high on happiness. I am now very clear of what I want and what I don’t want in my life; more importantly, I could make things that deeply matter to me happen. I really love Amy’s energy and attitude. She is naturally a great listener, patient, and curious. She also has natural talent of asking probing questions at the right time that helps me go deeper into my heart as well as my mind and know myself much better with self-ignited insights and solutions that otherwise would not have occurred to me. Working with Amy means I am positively challenged with my assumptions, and inspired to continuously stretch myself to achieve my goals. It also means I prove myself that I can do anything! We just had our completion session today and I already miss Amy. However, I know that she is always there for me and I could call upon her for any follow-up sessions. If you want to transform your life, either it be relationship, parenting, or wellness, etc. and career, hire Amy as your coach! You will surely get great return on investment.

Magdalena Poulin
Asia Pacific Diversity & Inclusion Lead / AIG

I have found the revelation within myself.

I chose Amy as my professional and personal coach when I was at the crossroads of my career life with confusion and damaged confidence. Throughout the four-month journey with Amy, I transformed from the state of “grayness” to clarity, and feel confident again. If I am to sum it up into a few words, they would be: I have found the revelation within myself. The whole engagement was like hiking into the woods where, with Amy besides, I waved the leaves and branches, got roadblocks removed, and came to great awareness of what I really want and what my identity is. What I enjoyed most throughout the journey is discovering about my inner world, unleashing the AHA moments, and being amazed about things that I have been able to make happen. I see another side of me that I have never seen by myself before: Amy is my mirror. She is the coach that I can really count on, will find again should needs arise, and highly recommend to those who truly want to live life to the fullest. Her vibrant energy and happy personality are unbeatable, which is among the answer to why Amy is a great coach.

An entrepreneur from Singapore
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