Hello everyone! Let’s get acquainted.

I am a personable woman so let me introduce myself beyond my titles…

FIRST, LET’S OPEN THE PERSONAL DOOR OF MY WORLD (and I look forward to meeting and knowing each of you in person as well!).

  • First and foremost, I am a mother of two happy children, and a wife of a brilliant feminist husband, living in greater New York City area.
  • My mother named me after a great Vietnamese actress she loved, and not to her dismay, I once cast for a national TV commercial in Singapore where we had resided for over a decade.
  • When I was small, I wanted to be a diplomat. As I explored the bigger world around me, I no longer had the same dream. However, I had the chance to shake hands with the late President of Singapore S. R. Nathan, meet with Singapore’s late Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, shrug shoulder with the previous Minister of Women, Family and Community Development of Malaysia, exchange words with Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long, ask a question to the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and have a brief chat in Chinese with Alibaba’s CEO, Jack Ma.
  • My family, friends, ex-colleagues and clients all would say that I am inspiring, passionate, energetic, creative, analytical, resilient, hard-working, results-oriented, and courageous. (Well, my helper – when we lived in Singapore, after staying with me for some time, branded me “organic, classic, natural” :))
  • My clients would tell I have vibrant energy, remarkable inspiration, happy personality, abundant positivity, great patience and empathy.
  • Astrologist would call me a Libra. MBTI test shows that I am an ESTJ (Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgment). Strength Finders identifies my five strengths: Individualization, Strategic, Communication, Relator, and Achiever.
Me and my little clients at home: My most important parenting job is to help them cultivate healthy and happy brains and navigate their own HI Zone through our daily connection and adventures together.


  • I have done 7 different jobs in my career: Finance Controller (for my grandma’s shop at the age of 7), Business Owner (I started a profitable book rental business at the age of 9), Journalist, Researcher, Lecturer, Actress (with my son for a Singapore’s national commercial promoting Kindness), and Human Resources Professional.
  • My experience spans across 9 industries: Retail, Business, Journalism, Non-profit, Academia, Film, FMCG, Technology, and E-commerce.
  • I have worked and lived in 3 countries being Vietnam, United States, and Singapore.


  • When I am not coaching my clients or my kids, I find myself reading, writing, painting, breathing in life from the streets of  NYC, doing yoga, cooking traditional Vietnamese food or making salads with spontaneous recipes of my own, travelling, or delivering free career workshops for my community. Recently, I have been trying a number of plant-based recipes and am loving them!
  • Apart from being a coach, I am a world and life traveler who has been to 5 continents and got lost in every little beautiful thing that life has to offer, in its truest sense of being a “traveler”. From the safari in Kenya to the streets in Cuba to a village in Ireland, I love discovering about nature, history, and culture as much as I enjoy conversing with strangers. 
One of my paintings: I painted this piece when I reminisced my childhood and a window from my aunt’s place. Reliving a happy memory through a creative medium is one of my brain-based happiness habits that helps me strengthen the positivity neural pathways in my brain so I show up for myself, my family and my clients fully present and energized.


  • 14 years ago, when doing my Master Degree in Public Policy at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore, I once asked Tony Blair a question after he delivered a speech to the professors and students of my school. Instead of getting the answer right away, I was happily heartened by his non-stop praise for about 30 seconds at first, “Wow, that’s a brilliant question! It’s the kind of question we ask in politics! You will have a great future!”
  • 14 years later, as I fully own my HI Zone, I believe I am where that future unfolds…

How about you? Are you ready for your HI Zone as well?