Alexa Hur

Community Lead, We Work

a delight to have in our office

“Amy’s A Happier You event was both informational and helpful in getting our members to understand the fundamentals in retraining your brain to be more positive. Her bright and cheery personality combined with an excellent presentation packed with personal testimonials and interesting facts made her a delight to have in our office.” – “Thanks for everything, Amy! I’m glad Tuesday was such a success.”

Happier You Workshop – November 2018

Steve Mazzuca

Principal Data Scientist, IBM

you made as big an impression on them as on me

“Thank You. My team and I got a lot out of your material. We had a good conversation during lunch so I know that you made as big an impression on them as on me.”

Ms. Jolly

Founder, Hudson Montessori

I heard everyone loved it!” (Ms. Jolly was away on the day but heard from the staff and teachers, and told me when she bumped into me.)

Happier You Workshop – March 2019

Ms. Gina

Director, Hudson Montessori

“Amy conducted Professional Development for the teaching staff at our school. Her style was welcoming and her program was insightful. We had a terrific professional development day. Our teachers enjoyed and learned so much as they fully engaged in the topic and activities. Lots of learning and ideas to share and use with our children. ”

Happier School Year Workshop – August 2019

Ms. Grace

Lead Teacher, Hudson Montessori

“Thank you Amy Nguyen for such an enriching workshop!”

A parent

Hudson Montessori

I heard it was really great!”

Happier School Year Workshop – August 2019

Various Mothers in a Happiness Workshop for Mothers

Really inspiring.”

“A wonderful, energetic and positive speaker.”

“I now understand about how to be truly Happy and am motivated to take action to  be happier.”

“Interesting to know about the science behind the hacks. I really enjoyed doing the Happiness Infinity Magnet!”

Samantha Giannangeli

People Operations Lead, Ellevate Network

“Amy was engaging, friendly, and fun. Her stories were interesting and candid, and she left our team with practical tips and exercises to help us reflect on our experience and hardwire happiness.” – “Thanks so much for joining us on Tuesday, and for helping us change the way we think about happiness as a team! Thanks again for being a part of our Lunch & Learn program! We loved having you here with us.”

Happier You Workshop – October 2019
Guest Speaker at Dr. Diane Hamilton’s nationally syndicated radio show – December 2019

Maria Collin – Goodman

Founder, Mamas Got Mojo

“Amy is a delight to work with, always engaged and enthusiastic. She exudes a genuine passion for helping women, moms in particular, to shift negative thought patterns and setting achievable goals. As a speaker, she commands the room by sharing personal stories, hands on exercises that are easy to grasp and she backs it up with scientific research and data. Moms are left feeling understood, less alone in their struggles and most of all empowered to change their lives. I can’t recommend Amy enough as a speaker, She is a true powerhouse making a huge impact in women’s lives.”

Mom Brain – October 2019

Peiyi Sun

Alumni Relations Manager, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

A professional yet friendly session. Amy shared with her fellow alumni and juniors from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy on how to create a solid and fulling career regardless of circumstances, which has never been more important during the Covid-19 period. We enjoyed the way she delivered the content, how she structured the session and especially how she interacted with the audience. We all left with some takeaways.