I am a Results Certified Coach with the NeuroLeadership Institute and an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council.


My genius talent is to inspire passionate and ambitious women to achieve seemingly impossible outcomes. I do this by challenging and flipping their initial thinking, sharing stories of what’s possible, and facilitating and supporting them in taking courageous action.

As a Life & Career Happiness Coach, my unique strengths include being a GREAT listener, a RIGHT balance of left-brain logic and right-brain creativity, my BIG passion in meaningfully helping others, my DIVERSE career “jungle gym”, as well as my SOLID experience in Human Resources (mostly at Asia Pacific level spanning from Recruitment, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Performance Management, etc.) in different MNCs across different industries. I bring with me a clear mind, big heart, and burning desire to create real impact to my clients.

As a personal and professional coach, I strongly believe that each and every one of us is special and has the best answers to our biggest challenges / the pathway to our dreams WITHIN us. Among my roles are facilitating my client’s thinking through listening wholeheartedly, asking the right probing questions (not giving advice as the one answer that works best for you must come from you), challenging and stretching my clients’ thought process and quality, providing support where needed through a structured process, and empowering a doable action plan to happen. I am myself amazed at my client’s self-ignited brilliant insights and solutions, and the miraculous ability to make change. For this, I feel deeply humble. It’s the affirmation that the brain is powerful and each of us can do anything!

I am currently based in NYC area and offer Skype / Google Hangout consultations for international clients.


The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.Mark Twain

1. Career Happiness ∞ / JumpStart Program (6 months): Reigniting your career and transforming your life, happily.

  • Are you at the crossroads of your career where you do not know which direction to follow?
  • Are you thinking of quitting your job but part of you is not sure about the decision?
  • Do you “kind of” enjoy what you do but feel that something is missing and want to get clarity?
  • Have you been wanting to find the next best move in your career but are clueless?
  • Do you do your job still even when you no longer love it, just because it pays the bills and gives you some respect?

So let’s sign up for it. The Package includes 12 private one-hour coaching sessions where together we:

  • CREATE A STRONG FOUNDATION – Session 1: Conduct Life Happiness Assessment and remove self-limiting beliefs to make room for the exciting journey ahead.
  • REFLECT – Sessions 2 & 3: Clarify, once and for all, your Career Happiness Infinity Zone as well as short-term, medium-term, and long-term career visions.
  • REFINE – Sessions 4 & 5: Outline, analyze, test-drive & finalize options.
  • REIGNITE – Sessions 6 – 12: Create powerful strategies & Craft a concrete action plan & Get results.

Resume reviewing and mock interview will be offered at discount as part of the package if there is a need.

Are you ready to find the career that gives you happiness infinity and to live the life you love? If yes, let’s go!

2. Career Happiness / Fast Track Programs (6 months): Upleveling your career / business, happily.

For new job starters & mid-level professionals: Performing at your Peak, Happily 

  • Who is this program for? This program is perfect for those who graduated from the Career Happiness Infinity Program with a new job / women who aspire for an internal or external promotion.
  • What is the program purpose? The purpose is to help them navigate the new work environment, map out their two-year, one-year and six-month visions, and create a game plan to perform at their peak, happily. Along the journey, I would assist you in dealing with any challenges such as dealing with difficult people, raising your confidence, improving your confidence, managing upwards, etc. so you stay happy and productive.

Are you ready to play to win, happily? If yes, let’s go!

For new solopreneurs: Playing to Win, Happily  

  • Who is this program for? This program is perfect for those who graduated from the Career Happiness Infinity Program with a business.
  • What is the program purpose? While the later part of the Career Happiness Infinity Program helps lay the foundation for your business, the purpose of this program is to provide you with an on-going support and mentorship so you could solidly grow your business. Support covers revisiting your definition of ideal clients as well as client matrix, reviewing your business foundation for further clarity, refining your compelling signature story and elevator pitch, enhancing your marketing strategy, updating your business plan, and creating abundance mindset, etc. For many new business owners, there are a lot of distractions and self-doubts that creep in, which is a natural part of the process. And with my support, you are not lonely in the new / fast-track journey and you will play to win, happily.

Are you ready to play to win, happily? If yes, let’s go!

3. Happiness ∞ Workshops:

Workshop: Create Your Life of Happiness Infinity | Define Your Happiness Formula & Create the Life You Love while Having It All

  • Who is this workshop for? For highly-motivated & heart-centered women. Workshop information will be shared through my upcoming newsletter. 
  • What is the program purpose? The purpose is to provide highly-motivated & heart-centered women with a safe and breathing room to articulate your life purpose, values, get clarity on what you really want, map out ideal outcomes in key areas of your life, and create your Happiness Infinity (HI) Board. You will leave the workshop feeling purposeful, energized and happy with your very own HI Board to bring home for manifestation. We will work on our Happiness happily.

Workshop: Parenting the (Brain-Based) Coaching Way | Happy Parents, Happy Kids, Happy Life 

  • Who is this workshop for? For Parents & Schools.
  • What is the program purpose? The purpose is to uplevel parenting happiness so there will be happier kids without yelling but with brain-based conversations and coaching instead. With key neuroscience principles brought to life to take away, plenty of real-life case studies, and interactive hands-on activities, parents will leave the workshop with the most powerful tool to transform their parenting journey.

Workshop: Happiness 4.0 | Uplevel Your Happiness, Uplevel Your Success 

  • Who is this workshop for? For Corporate Clients.
  •  What is the program purpose? Research shows that happy employees make successful companies. Therefore, the purpose of the program is to uplevel employees’ overall happiness which will, in turn, uplevel companies’ success. While an employee’s overall life happiness level affects how she performs, most corporations only measure work-related happiness. In this workshop, I will share cutting-edge brain-based secrets to a happy life, provide a well-structured method to articulate your life purpose and values, get clarity on what you really want, map out ideal outcomes in key areas of your life, and create and bring your Happiness Formula to life. Also, I will give you tools and share proven ideas for peak performance in key areas of life. Participants will leave the workshop with clarity, energy and happiness.

Are you ready to uplevel your life / your employees’ lives to Happiness ∞? If yes, let’s go!


I was raised by two wonderful women: my grandmother, who deeply infused me with unconditional love, and my mother, who exemplarily taught me that every challenge is an opportunity. I became a better woman thanks to another great woman: my mother in law, who reinforces the “follow your dreams” motto through her own amazing example. I grow more well-rounded with a little woman: my daughter, who continuously stimulates me to take on less travelled paths. I feel like a more beautiful woman besides a special man: my husband, who always says, “I will support you with your whatever career decision that makes you happy.” I am constantly inspired by a young man: my son, who plays as my sounding board for important questions in my life (including the name for this website). I am, therefore, in deep appreciation of these beloved women and men who are a big part of a “Happiness Infinity” me.

Carrying on the spirit, I have been passionate about empowering female talents throughout my career, and my next mission is to inspire dreams and uplift lives of highly motivated and heart-centered professional women who dare to be great. And to some extent, I would also love to help professional men who dream big and…. also showcase their support for women in work and life. And:

  • If you have the willingness to invest in living a truly happy life and purposeful career
  • If you are willing to be challenged, take massive action & get real results
  • If you have a can-do attitude
  • If you as well work on the basis of mutual respect

Let’s work together!


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