I chose Amy as my professional and personal coach when I was at the crossroads of my career life with confusion and damaged confidence. Throughout the four-month journey with Amy, I transformed from the state of “grayness” to clarity, and feel confident again.

If I am to sum it up into a few words, they would be: I have found the revelation within myself. The whole engagement was like hiking into the woods where, with Amy besides, I waved the leaves and branches, got roadblocks removed, and came to great awareness of what I really want and what my identity is. What I enjoyed most throughout the journey is discovering about my inner world, unleashing the AHA moments, and being amazed about things that I have been able to make happen. I see another side of me that I have never seen by myself before: Amy is my mirror. She is the coach that I can really count on, will find again should needs arise, and highly recommend to those who truly want to live life to the fullest. Her vibrant energy and happy personality are unbeatable, which is among the answer to why Amy is a great coach.