I engaged Amy as my personal career coach when I had a big question in my career: what would be the right next step for me after 7 years working for the Danish Embassy in Vietnam, heading the Commercial Department. It is the dream job of many but after a while, I really wondered what the world out there had for me so I could unleash my potential and maximize my growth. So Amy and I spent three sessions together where Amy guided me through a well-structured process, helped me validate my journey up then, assisted me in organizing my brain and thoughts so I could have more direction with my long-term career vision. While I encountered a number of naysayers along the way, Amy offered fresh and non-biased perspectives which opened my mind to possibilities. With her support, professional Human Resources suggestions, and with her ability to challenge my thinking, I was more confident in taking on a new career opportunity which I believe brings me one step closer to my vision. I also took a few actions that I never thought of on my own before in order to build up my overall presence and credibility in the market. Amy’s values do not stop there: she also helped me systemize and stretch my brain to create a comprehensive plan so I could best perform in my new job. Working with Amy is really inspiring and I have learnt significantly from the process.

Overall, I am very happy with Amy’s Career 4.0 Program, and really recommend anyone who dares to grow in their careers and who dares to step out of their comfort zones and maximize their potential by working with Amy. The values are worth beyond the investment. Full stop.