I enrolled in Amy’s Career Happiness Infinity Coaching Program when I was at the crossroad of my career. When we started, I did not know where I should and can go after a number of years working for a newspaper. I was burned out and felt stuck. My goal was to “find my life” and with Amy’s well-structured guidance, I have not only gained a great clarity about what would be the right next step for me at that time while having a long-term vision defined, but also had a concrete action plan to get there. The time spent with her helped me understand more about myself, my strengths, my passion and what I can do. If I had been on that “path finding” journey on my own, I would have given up. It’s Amy’s positivity and persistence that keeps me going. Her ability to ask the right questions assisted me in discovering the well-hidden thoughts in my brain and organize them so I could achieve my goal. Besides all these, an interesting take-away for me is I am now used to the coaching questions and process and indeed started to use them for the other areas in my life. Therefore, I find it a really good investment and I would recommend anyone who wants to find happiness infinity in their career hire Amy!