“Amy is a great and a perfect coach – it’s her talent! I believe all successful women have a coach behind them as their sounding board, and I am so glad I have Amy. She is just right for me because she is very intelligent and her strengths compliment my areas of development: She gave me strategies and tools to tackle issues and work and in my personal life, and supports me with a lot of handholding to reinforce action and to get me back on track when I go off-track.

I love her approach to coaching as it’s not just about work but a 360 of my life. Throughout the process, Amy helped me to organize my thoughts and simplify the thought process by putting the structure and tools, and giving me powerful words. What I also truly appreciate is Amy also helped me holistically, not just professionally but she deeply cares about my overall happiness (yes, her philosophy is “When you are happy, you will be successful” – this is a science-based fact and is now further proven with my case as well!). It was really therapeutic when Amy listened to me in our “clearing space” part of the sessions and put things in different perspectives. A highlight of the program is the Career Happiness Infinity Zone: discovering my unique talents & strengths, articulating them, being aware of them, highlighting them, and working with them. It is so powerful and important, and the job I have now has all of that. The Zone helped me make the right career decision that this is the right place for me instead of second-guessing. I also became more organized and more strategic in my approach, and put them into action, with a healthier and happier brain as the foundation for my further success and fulfilment.

With Amy, my expectations from coaching has totally exceeded and it’s been a great partnership. And finally, Amy herself is very inspiring for me: She is a great coach, she has a happy family, she cooks, she travels, etc. – she walks the talk!”