In the 2nd half of 2016, I made one of the biggest decisions in my life: quitting my job as the Head of Employee Relations/Happiness at the biggest e-commerce company in South East Asia where life is even beyond what the movie “The Intern” could depict. I have a wonderful supportive husband, two gorgeous children, and a job that set me at the top of an area in my Human Resources profession. However, while I took care of the employees’ happiness and had great pride in doing so, my own happiness was deserted. While the happiness index at my company increased, my personal index dropped significantly. As much as I was in love with my job, I also I wanted to release myself from a lifeless life of 4am-till-midnight-or-the-like travelling and working through the weekends, even till 3am on a Sunday, etc. to attend to things that matter deeply to me: my dear family that includes a baby daughter and a primary school starter son, and yes, as you name it, my own well-being.

I found my life again through taking up morning yoga rituals, painting, attending some writers’ workshops, composing essays, or simply wandering the streets of Singapore on my own to breathe in the fresh air and hear the sounds from a market/hawker centre nearby that seemed to be so distant in my previous roller coaster life. I also found time to involve myself in community work again by organizing free career workshops for the local residents. Most importantly, I felt better connected with my beloved family: bringing my 9-month-then daughter to museums and parks, successfully hunting for a good local school for my 7-year-old son and making sure he transitioned well from his first year at an international school to the 2nd year at a local one, having good chats with my husband and my mother-in-law who has been staying with us for breast cancer treatment. I have recovered the “me” that my son used to label: Happy.

Among all this soul searching, I also took on a 6-month brain-based coaching training program by the NeuroLeardership Insitute, following a recommendation of a great colleague and friend who said I would be really good at this and the training is the best out there. The executive sponsor for one of my flagship programs gave me her words of wisdom in our farewell coffee chat, “Use your brain”, and as if life had plans for me, I used my brain to study about… the brain! Adding up to my previous experience of coaching at work, the program helped bring my skills to a new level as a coach especially with neuroscience.

After completing the program, coaching a few clients, and receiving fantastic feedback, I again made another big decision in my life: turning down job offers to be a full time life and career coach. Following this path does not mean I will have an easy life ahead of me. On the contrary, it requires profound time and energy commitments, as I want to give it my best. Moving from a job of five figure salary a month to one where I have to start from scratch is a big risk, especially when one has a family with small children. However, I know that I am on the most meaningful mission where I could unleash all of my unique talents and experience for my life purpose: to inspire dreams and uplift lives. This comes with a strong belief that if I follow my inner calling, the universe will conspire in helping me make things happen.

The journey ahead is exciting and I would really welcome you to be a part of it with me. If you want to know more about how I could help you transform your life and your career employing the brain-based approach, be it career clarity, a big career decision, a new job search, wellness, relationship, work-life balance, productivity, or ANYTHING about life and career, please feel free to send me a personal message. I really want to see you happy and successful.