By the time you read this post, you may have seen a lot of advertisements out there regarding living the life you want, working anywhere you love, or transforming your life with a life & career coach. Given coaching is still quite a new industry, many may question about the validity of those slogans or campaigns. In deed, not many potential clients have heard about it or if they do, they most likely have the wrong notion of coaching by mingling it with counselling, mentoring, consulting, or training. Regardless, what one can be sure of is coaching is life changing, given the coach is highly skilled with the right approach and the coachee is really motivated and willing to invest in themselves. As a career and life coach, I employ the brain-based system by theNeuroLeadership Institute. Further basic information about coaching can be found below (Source: NeuroLeadership Institute).

1. What is coaching? 

Coaching is facilitating positive change by improving thinking. The role of the coach is to help people think better, not to tell them what to do.

The Results Coaching System is not a religion, or a philosophy, or a set of instructions, rules, or guidelines for living. The coach is there to facilitate a conversation, to allow discussion to unfold in a way that’s appropriate to the coachee. Results-trained coaches do share some common values based on a set of shared principles, like integrity, an awareness of the power of emotions, and a belief in human potential.

Coaching is not counselling: Coaching is focused on where you are now, where you want to be, and what you will do about getting there. Coaching is about moving forward, not analyzing the past.

Coaching is not consulting: A consultant does a job for you, whereas a coach supports you to do the job better yourself.

Coaching is not mentoring: Mentoring is giving people advice based on the mentor’s experience. A coach, conversely, does not even need specific information about their coachee’s area of expertise to coach them.

Coaching is not training: Real coaching is when the agenda is driven by the coachee exclusively.

2. How does coaching work?

There are five main principles of the Results Coaching System that I employ:

  1. Self-directed learning: Coaching is about having the coachee come up with his/her own answers, rather than the coach giving advice.
  2. Solution-focused: In this process, both of the coach and the coachee will focus more on solutions than problems.
  3. Positive feedback: Both of the coach and the coachee will focus on your learning, strengths, and growth.
  4. Stretch: The coach will be stretching and challenging the coachee so he/she gets the most learning from his/her coaching.
  5. Structure: This is a structured process that ensures the coachee stay on track and progress towards his/her desired outcomes.

3. What to expect from a coaching relationship?

To achieve the goals you set, you will probably have to do a few things differently. This can be challenging or uncomfortable at times. However, the level of stretch is something we will decide on together, and ultimately it is up to you.

Having a coach requires a much bigger commitment than people normally make. There are actions to be done between the sessions and we will be following up on those actions each week. The good news is most people and the times they have a coach to be incredibly personally rewarding, and they get really fantastic results.

I hope this provides you with some useful background information the next time you chance on an ad about “living your life to the fullest” or the like. If you feel coaching is what you need, you could refer to my programs and connect with me for an introductory chat.