“I moved to the US in 2015. It was quite a bumpy road in the first few years as I tried to navigate how I best fit here. What I thought was my strengths and passion became doubtful. It was very frustrating to doubt yourself (again) in your mid 30s. I decided to find a coach to help me out. But it wasn’t easy to find someone who can understand what I was going through and where I was coming from. I chose Amy after following her for some time on LinkedIn and on a platform where she shares about how she uses her brain-based coaching to the key areas of a mom’s life including parenting and relationship. Also, she is also a mom, independent and passionate woman. I know she will be my best coach.

During 6 months working together in the Career Happiness Infinity Program, Amy wasn’t only a coach who constantly stretched my thinking and provided guidance but also a friend who I could go to for life advice anytime. When we started working together, I also started a new job, my baby was only 3 months old and then the pandemic hit. I felt I had so many troubles for a coach to solve. And guess what, she did it in an amazing way. From flexing her coaching program structure to multiple quick touch bases.

What I find the most helpful in the program was the test series, the 2-hour deep dive into my past experiences and the Happiness Infinity Magnet. They are the foundation to identify my core strengths, values and purpose in life.

This program has exceeded my expectations. I now have a clearer vision of why I am here, what I am supposed to do and how to embrace a new day with full of energy.

I continue my life journey with confidence and full clarity of vision. I wish all women can meet and train with Amy. She is a unicorn.”