“Before I came to Amy, I was at a stage of personal and professional unhappiness. I lost connection with myself and in an attempt of searching for who I am, I chanced upon Amy whose story and mission were so inspiring that I decided to engage her. And we had been working together in her Career Happiness Infinity Program for six months.

My expectation in the beginning was to find someone who could guide me in that journey of fully discovering who I am. And Amy was far beyond a coach. She guided me with a highly structured brain-based process. Through her, I re-connected with myself and uncovered my Career Happiness Infinity (HI) Zone by clearly defining my life purposes, fully understanding my unique natural gifts, clarifying my values and passion. I still remember that morning tears filled my eyes when I read the Career HI Zone report from Amy: I had never seen myself in such a full picture like before. Moreover, Amy also taught me the brain training skills through various science-based tools so I can have a strong foundation which is a healthy and happy brain to reach for the possibilities. I am now stepping into my Career HI Zone and am bold enough to chase my dreams and unleash my full potential. My positive change radiated to the people around me including my husband, and indeed, he was so curious that he even asked to join me!

Amy is not only inspiring, committed, and joyful but she has a pure heart and intention to bring people to where they want to be; she does not coach for sake of coaching. There is no other more profitable investment than investing yourself with a top coach like Amy. It is the best investment that everyone should make to take charge of themselves and change their lives.”